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October 18, 2005



i remember piper's first haircut and i was so stressed about wanting to keep a lock of hair, and jason was all like, "that's gross"and "people actually do that?" Yeah, i cried too.


He looks so good. I love my little boy. I can't wait to see the new haircut in person.


He looks like such a big boy with his new haircut! Very handsome!


I was also trying to keep my sons curls for as long as possible until one day we were out at a restaurant and someone came up to us and asked if he was a boy or a girl. It was time! I cryed also!


He looks so grown up now!

And does Liam have the biggest bluest eyes ever? How sweet.


Awww...he looks so much more grown up! Way cute! I too have kept the curls that i have cut from Natalie's hair. I just have to comment...Liam looks so much like your brother Zach. I know he looks a lot like Elly too, but at first glance i totally saw your little brother...


Look at that hair!! SO cute!

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