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May 09, 2009



I am training for a sprint tri myself. I will be participating in one in 3 weeks in Austin. I hope to do more.

GO girl. I'm in the Dallas area, by the way.


Nope. Me and my fat a** are very impressed with you, though. :)

Kristin H

Hi, just found you through Sundry on twitter. I have been doing sprint triathlons for a long time and always get nervous, each and every time! I find that talking to the other people while I'm waiting for the race to start always helps. There are always a lot of people who are doing it for the first time, so you won't be alone, no matter what race you're doing. But you'll be fine! And remember that you can always just walk during the run part. You've got a leg up on most people who are scared of the swim! If they can't do it and have to be pulled out, they are out of the race. If you have to walk, you won't be disqualified. I try to make sure I'm near the markers so I can see where I am in the water -- it sucks to veer way off course and have to swim all the way back. Have a great time and enjoy it! And after you'll be a triathlete, which is a terrific feeling. Good luck!

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